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CENTER OF EXCELLENCE From gateway digital


The Center of Excellence (CoE) is an engagement model from Gateway Digital where an expert team of business and technology experts engages with client teams to understand and articulate business requirements which drive changes in the technology landscape.

Dedicated execution teams then work with client teams to envision, implement, and execute solutions and service offerings.

The services offered by CoE are in the areas of technology consulting, digital transformation, and product innovation across diverse industries.

The CoE will consist of a “Core Team” and project-specific “Run Teams”, focused on streamlining business processes and ensuring quality output.

Core Team

A team responsible for understanding the client business while managing the technical, project and coordination activities- the point of contact for client throughout the engagement period.

Run Team

An on-demand “flexible” team responsible for each project execution, addressing specific requirements and ensuring quality project delivery.

Why Center of Excellence?
  • Higher Accountability

    • |Direct involvement in planning
    • |Constant evaluation of strength & weakness
    • |Transparent & regular tasksheet
  • Continuous Development & Delivery

    • |Less time required to roll out new features
    • |Resources having deep familiarity
    • |Well structured, regular meetings & status reviews
  • Cost Effectiveness

    • |Gain productivity with long term team deployed
    • |More economic than headhunting individual developers
  • Faster & Flexible Workflows

    • |Teams are more agile
    • |Open to iterations in project scope
    • |Easy resource scalability
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