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Digital transformation has led to the adoption of emerging technologies and the implementation of new processes across businesses. Whether you are a startup or a large corporate, you need to keep up with the changing trends to emerge successfully.

Making the right strategic decisions and implementing the right tools to drive innovation can help businesses to tackle this disruption. For this, you need to hire the right technology and digital partner, who can study your business requirements and help you implement the apt solution that solves your business challenges.

Does your business need help with making strategic decisions and implementing the right technologies and tools? The Center of Excellence (CoE) model from Gateway Digital can help! Read on to find out more about this engagement model.

What is Center of Excellence (CoE)?

The Center of Excellence is an engagement model that features a team of experts in technology, consulting, digital transformation, and product innovation, and focuses on understanding the specific business requirements of the client and driving change in the technology landscape. The team works closely with the client to envision and execute the project.

The CoE consists of a core team and project-specific run teams, that are identified and agreed upon during the different stages of the engagement with the client.

Core Team: The core team will be involved throughout the tenure of the project. This team can be based on-site or offshore based on project needs. The core team will envision product development, perform necessary technical, management and coordination activities, and be the single point of contact for the customers throughout the engagement period. This team will identify the right resources for each stream and manage the project development teams while adhering to the project delivery milestone.

Project-Specific Run Team: The run team is an on-demand team responsible for project execution. This flexible team will work with the core team to address specific project requirements and enable timely project delivery.

Benefits of Center of Excellence 

The Center of Excellence provides business consulting and works as a virtual product development team. Here are the key benefits of the CoE model.

Higher Accountability: The customer team will be directly involved in the entire project planning process. They can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the work process and make necessary changes in the progress of the project. The assigned core team and project teams report to the customer team on the project status, giving the customer higher accountability.

Continuous Development and Delivery: When the customer has an expert team working dedicatedly for the project, the customer requires less time to improve the existing functionality and roll-out new features. All the assigned resources have a deep familiarity with the project, due to which the changes can be implemented faster and without major errors. The team is well-structured, and regular meetings and status reviews will help everyone to be on the same page.

Cost-Effectiveness: Having a dedicated CoE team is economically more effective than having individual software developers. It improves productivity and reduces the cost of multiple hires while bringing transparency and control in the actual investment required.

Faster and Flexible Workflows: The core team and project-specific teams are more scalable and agile. They are also more open to iterations and changes in the project scope.

At Gateway Digital, we understand that when it comes to innovation and digital transformation, there is a lot of scope for product envisioning and management. Our dedicated execution teams work with the client teams and offer services in the areas of technology consulting, digital transformation, and product innovation across diverse domains. Our Center of Excellence (CoE) teams help businesses to bring innovative solutions and services to life with quality product envisioning. To know more about us and the engagement model, get in touch with us at hello@gatewaydigital.no or visit https://gatewaydigital.no/center-of-excellence/.

Divyang Pandya

Divyang Pandya is the AVP Business Development and a technology enthusiast at Gateway Digital AS. With his rich experience and expertise, he contributes towards establishing Gateway Digital as the ideal partner for Digital Transformation. To know more, connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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