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Alf Lande, CEO- Gateway Digital AS gave a presentation about our global legacy and industry-agnostic solutions at Media Mondays, an event that was focused on technology-driven sustainability. He talked about our industry-specific practices in Automotive, Transport & Logistics, Retail, and Banking & Finance, and how we assist ambitious companies in their digital transformation journeys.



Gateway Digital works with some of the largest and smartest companies in the automotive sector in Norway. Alf showcased our largest success- our automotive practice where we have solutions to reduce enormous amounts of waste related to end-of-life vehicles and offering businesses the opportunity to reuse and resell car parts.



Green Source Platform, a project by Gateway Digital steers recyclable auto spare parts through an open ecosystem, matching quality checked parts with those who need them using a strong identification system. Speaking about this project, Alf said, “This platform features a good distribution network, provides new business opportunities and reduces waste emission in the circular economy.”



Alf also talked about the Carbon Footprint Application developed by us for a Netherlands based client, which digitizes the information flow and decision making for all buyers and sellers of transport. This solution maps CO2 emissions for all transportation modes and allows the customer to compare carbon footprint depending on the chosen transport mode and know how much of CO2 is saved.

The talk was well-received by the audience and resulted in great conversations during the networking session that followed!

Divyang Pandya

Divyang Pandya is the AVP Business Development and a technology enthusiast at Gateway Digital AS. With his rich experience and expertise, he contributes towards establishing Gateway Digital as the ideal partner for Digital Transformation. To know more, connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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